2004 Toyota 4runner 2008 Jeep Wrangler 2008 Toyota Tundra 2007 Ford F150 2011 Toyota Tacoma
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$7,990.00 $15,995.00 $17,200.00 $14,500.00 $9,999.00
Internet Special
Drive 100% you will not find one things wrong Give us a call at 813-996-2333 or After Hours at 813-598-7852
Stock #2509
Engine3.4l V6 EFI Dohc 3.4l
VIN: JT3GN87R2X0104622
Internet Special
This Truck Runs really nice, you will get your work job done in thisTruck. I have over 65 to 70 Trucks on my Web Page at amazingdealautos.com Give us a call at 813-996-2333 or call us After Hours at 813-598-7852 We are open 6 days a week. If you need help with financing to give us 1/2 down and payoff within 2 years, with no credit check is needed. Or secondary fiancing up to 1k to 5k down payment to purchase your vehicle.
Stock #2405
Engine6.0l V8 SFI 6.0l
Exterior ColorWhite
VIN: 1GCHC29U61E324960
Internet Special
This is a cash special but if you have at least 1/2 down I will Finance you myself our website is amazingdealsautos.com I will work with you if you need help. 813-996-2333 you may text/call at 813 598 7852 after 6pm
Stock #2459
Engine5.9l V8 MPI 5.9l
VIN: 1B7HF13Z31J517919
Internet Special
Give me a call if you need help with Finance and if you have half down I will work with you on this Truck 813-996-2333 or call in After Hours at 813-598-7852
Stock #2522
Engine4.7l V8 EFI Dohc 4.7l
VIN: 5TBRT34131S159430
Internet Special
This truck is very nice inside & out. Give us a call or stop in and I will do my best to Finance you my self Call us at 813 996 2333 or after hours at 813 598 7852. We are open 6 days a week. Our website is: amazingdealsautos.com We have 2 ways of financing, 1/2 down and payoff in 2 years or secondary with a deposit of 2k to 3k has a Down Payment I will Finance you myself!
Stock #1878
Engine4.6l V8 EFI Sohc 4.6l
Interior ColorGray
Exterior ColorRed
VIN: 1FTRW07632KA22999
Internet Special
This Truck has very Low Miles and please take a look at the Air Brush Paint on this truck. Also, I have over 65 Trucks on my Web Page at amazingdealsautos.com Our # is 813-996-2333 After Hours @ cell/ 813-598-7852 If you need help with assistance to put down 1/2 monies and pay off in 2 years we can assist you. Or with secondary financing with lower credit score, depends on the monies you give us. We do have it mark on the lot at 13,500
Stock #2438
Engine6.0l V8 MPI 6.0l
Exterior ColorSilver
VIN: 1GCGC13U23F219411
Internet Special
This Truck has a Clean Car Fax and it shows very low Miles! We have financing for 1/2 down and pay within 2 years and secondary financing to give us 1k to 4k deposit for the vehicle you would like to purchase. Please call us @ 813 996 2333 or after 6pm call/text 813 598 7852
Stock #2072
Engine4.7l V8 MPI 4.7l
Interior ColorTan
Exterior ColorGray
VIN: 1D7HA18N13S121396
Internet Special
I have this 2004 Chev on the lot for 9,995 If you are a Cash Person I can sell it at 7,795 Also, I have 70 Trucks on my web page at AMAZINGDEALSAUTOS.COM Give us a call at 813-996-2333 for After Hours at 813-598-7852 If you need financing, we can assist. 1/2 down and pay off within 2 years with no credit check. Or secondary financing depends on vehicle you like will depend on the monies down. Come on in you wont be disappointed. Our hours are 930am to 6pm close @ 5pm on Sat's
Stock #2502
Engine3.5l I-5 MPI Dohc 3.5l
Exterior ColorBlack
VIN: 1GCDS136548179192
Internet Special
WOW, where can you find a four door lariat with Leather Seats This is A Cash Spcial. This Week and if you need any newer Trucks; Take a look at my Web Page at AMAZINGDEALSAUTOS.COM I have over 60 Trucks on my Lot and my Dealer Fees are only 50.00. We have 2 types of Financing 1/2 down and to pay off within 2 years. Please call 813-996-2333 or my cell phone after hours at 813-598-7852
Stock #2333
Engine5.4l V8 EFI Sohc 5.4l
VIN: 1FTPW12574KD90841
Internet Special
If are viewing from Cargurus please call us at 813 996 2333 or after hours you may call or text too: 813 598 7852 Our website is: amazingdealsautos.com or our email is: amazingdealsauto@gmail.com Also This Honda drives really well you will not find one thing wrong. Come over and take a drive! if you but half down I will Finance you my self if you have bad credit I have it mark on the lot 5,995 if you are Finance it my cash special is 4,995
Stock #2488
Engine3.0l V6 EFI Sohc 3.0l
Exterior ColorSilver
VIN: 1HGCM66884A039326
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