2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2005 Ford F150 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Clsc 2010 Chevrolet G1500 Vans 2013 Ford F150
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$18,800.00 $11,500.00 $14,800.00 $11,995.00 $27,500.00
Internet Special
The Owner will Finance it my self if you have 3,000 Down and pay it off in one Year at 6,995 A fun single cab truck 4 cyclinder 2.9L motor,great on gas, For Cash 5,995 & Secondary Finance 6,995 Please call Mike at 813 996 2333 and after hours at 813 598 7852. We are open Mon-Friday 930am-630pm, then on Sat's 9:30am-5pm, by appointment on Sundays
Stock #2140
Engine2.9l I-4 SFI 2.9l
Interior ColorBlack
Exterior ColorWhite
VIN: 1GCCSBF92B8123133
Internet Special
Prerunner Tacoma perfect for someone who is looking for a smaller truck. We have over 65 trucks, and 4 Jeeps as well. Please call and speak to Mike at 813-996-2333 or after hours is 813 598 7852, we are open 6 days a week. Our email is amazingdealsauto@gmail.com and our website is amazingdealsautos.com Take take a drive to see this truck. Has one Owner of this Car Lot I can tell you that this 2003 Tacoma Drives so good that you will not be Disappointed at all it looks so nice Inside and the out looks real Sharp!
Stock #2160
Engine3.4l V6 EFI Dohc 3.4l
Exterior ColorBlack
VIN: 5TESN92N03Z153415
Internet Special
If you need to have finance with me and if you have a Real Good Down Payment I will Finance it myself or we have Secondary Finance Companies out there to fillin or for myself and I will work with you on your monthly payments to and my Wife Drive drove this car for one month and it drives really good that you will not Find One Thing Wrong with this Car. Also I Feel very Comfortable with having payments with this car and if you half down. Also, the owner will finance with you, No Credit Check. We are open Mon-Friday from 930am to 6pm on Saturdays 930am to 5pm, Sunday by appointment only. Ignition is a button start, am/fm cd and a navigation system, Our website is amazingdealsautos.com or our email is amazingdealsauto@gmail.com We sell Trucks but, we have a few cars on our lot. Speak to Mike during business hours at 813 996 2333 or after hours at 813 598 7852 If you can pay Cash I will do my best to give you the best price out there in any company out there.
Stock #2126
Engine3.5l V6 EFI Dohc 3.5l
Interior ColorGray
Exterior ColorSilver
VIN: 4T1BK36B06U063043
Internet Special
Needing a 4x4 well this is your Truck has leather on the seats. Come take a drive or call Mike at 813 996 2333 or after hours at 813 598 7852. Our website is amazingdealsautos.com Our hours are til 6pm Tue-Fri, and on Mon & Saturday til 5pm.
Stock #2176
Engine5.4l V8 EFI Sohc 5.4l
VIN: 1FTPW14556KA92973
Internet Special
This truck was owned by a retired person that drove this truck a few miles a day, we also have a copy of the car fax and the Bottom of the truck is so clean that you can eat off from it. You will really like this truck when you come to visit. You may go to our website to look at more pictures at: amazingdealsautos.com Please call Mike during business hours at 813 996 2333 or after hours at 813 598 7852 for any questions or concerns. Our email address is amazingdealsauto.com
Stock #2072
Engine4.7l V8 MPI 4.7l
VIN: 1D7HA18N13S121396
Internet Special
I was in this Truck for Four Day's I like everything about it you will not be Disappointed at all. The Owner put over 200 Hundred Miles on it. Also I do have over 60 Trucks on my lot and pleaseTake a look at my Web Page at AMAZINGDEALSAUTOS.COM Ask for Mike at 813-996-2333 or my cell in After Hour at 813-598-7852 Also you will not Find One Things Wrong With This Truck I like EveryThings About It.
Stock #2154
Engine5.4l V8 Sohc Flex 5.4l
VIN: 1FTPW14V77KC57194
Internet Special
I have a Deposit on this Truck I am hold it for a week Take a look at my Web Page at AMAZINGDEALSAUTOS.COM AND ASK FOR MIKE AT 813-996-2333 OR MY CELL IN AFTER HOURS AND THIS IS A ONE OWNER AND 100% CLEAN CAR FAX AND THE TRUCK ALSO BEEN IN THE TAMPA AREA AND ALSO THIS TRUCK IS A 100% A CREAM PUFF IT IS SO NICE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED AT ALL YOU WILL MNOT FIND ONE THINGS WRONG WITH IT. ALSO IT HAS A 4WD AND A LONG BED I DO HAVE THIS TRUCK MARK ON MY LOT at 15,500 I have it to sell fast at 13,500 for this week only on sale also my dealer fees are only 50.00 dollar
Stock #2089
Engine6.0l V8 SFI 6.0l
VIN: 1GCHK23U36F210897
Internet Special
This Suv Drive like it is Brand New and That why my Wife is Drive it Right now if you what to see it make sure you call me and I will have it on the Lot next day you will not be Disappointed at all. I will be happy to show you my cost and you will see the Best Buy you ever got for your Self. It is a smaller version of a regular size Suv 4 door, touch button start, back up window for backing up. Am/Fm & CD Radio. Great driving vehicle, almost new! Ask for Mike at 813 996 2333 or after hours 813 598 7852.Our website for pictures is amazingdealsautos.com or our email is amazingdealsauto@gmail.com We are open from 930am -6pm and on Saturdays til 5pm. Sundays closed, but if you call ahead we can setup an appointment This 2014 is Mark on my lot at 16,995 I will do a Cash or good credit at 15,500
Stock #2186
Engine2.4l I-4 DI Dohc 2.4l
Interior ColorBrown
Exterior ColorWhite
VIN: KM8JU3AG2EU854021
Internet Special
This truck runs very good please Take a look on my Web Page at AMAZINGDEALSAUTOS.COM Ask for Mike at 813-996-2333 or my cell for After Hours at 813-598-7852 I also have over 65 trucks on my lot or come take a drive!
Stock #1964
Engine4.0l V6 EFI Dohc 4.0l
Exterior ColorGray
VIN: 3TMJU4GN9BM122651
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